Alternative Energy Company

Grade 5 Research

  1. Open a new presentation document in OpenOffice. Select “Introducing a New Product” template.
  2. You will create a presentation for a company that you might create some day. Enter the name of the product and the name of the company. Choose a color scheme to compliment the source of energy.
  3. You will complete information on the following slides
    1. Long-term Goal
    2. Customer wishes
    3. Fulfilling Customer Needs
    4. Cost Analysis
    5. Strengths and Advantages
    6. Next Step of Action
    7. Bibliography
  4. Add images where appropriate. Images may come from Google images.
  5. View the following advertisements. Do they provide information about long-term goals, customer wishes, etc.
    1. Exxon Mobile Algae Advertisement (We’ll talk about algae as a biofuel later. For now, listen to how they present their long-term goals, etc.)