The Target Audience

Students viewed and analyzed the Dr. Pepper movie in the previous post. We searched Youtube for a few of their favorite ads. We viewed them and discussed the purpose of the ads and the target audience for each. We also briefly talked about the various techniques of each. They searched for others ads on Youtube that they enjoy watching. They emailed the link to me and shared what they found interesting for each. The following are the ads they sent to me.

Note: Most of these links no longer work. Most have been removed from Youtube for copyright infringement.

  • Women’s College Basketball Championship on ESPNI like this video because I love basketball and I can relate to all of the basketball in the commercial. The commercial is also very intense and talks about competition and aggression. I’m very interested in the intense basketball moments of the commercial. (Camelle)
  • Volkswagen – This commercial appeals to me because I used to do weird things like that when I was a kid. (Brandon) I like this commercial because it is a combination of two of my favorite things: comedy and little kids.  It includes so much within one minute and two seconds. In the end the child is deceived into thinking that he has the force. (Michelle J)
  • Kia – I love this commercial because it appeals by the melody of the sound track and the fun characters which in this case are hamsters. (Evelyn)
  • Dwyane Wade’s New T-Moble NBC commercial – This appeals to me because it shows me the features of that phone. It helps us know what is cool about the phone and it makes you want to buy it. (Anthony)
  • Allstate – This as appeals to me because it happens all the time and it’s funny because it’s suppose to be a kid but it’s a man. (Elizabeth)
  • MacDonald – This McDonald’s commercial appeals to me because it shows two of the best basketball players in the NBA competing for a meal from McDonald’s. They are doing crazy dunks and impossible moves that inspire people. This also appeals to me because those impossible dunks keep me watching and entertained during the commercial. (Nick)
  • Dorito – This commercial appeals to me because i like Doritos. It is funny and helps you remember to ask your friends if they “saw the Doritos commercial.” (Hunter) This commercial is my favorite commercial because its very funny. Also, it proves the point how good doritos are and how addicting they are. This commercial makes me want to buy some doritos. It is also in good camera quality with the scenes and the face shots. (Jessica)
  • Doritos – (Devin) I love this commercial because doritos are my favorite chip, and i also think it is hilarious because they steal the chips, and then the guy is dressed as a dorito samuri.(Riley)
  • Windex – This commercial appeals to me because of its humor. In my house we do a lot of cleaning so seeing the Windex commercial just makes it so much fun. (Kendall)
  • Chrysler – Eminem and Detroit – This video appeals to me because it shows how Detroit came back from a lot of unluckiness. It also has Eminem. I like Eminem. (Nicole)
  • Rajon Rando Foot LockerThis advertisement catches my attention because of its intensity. It is based around hard work and commitment and that appeals to me because of my devotion to athletics. (Ariel)
  • Bud Light I love this commercial because it makes the man look all cool, but then he realizes she has a cat and starts sneezing fire. (Emmanuel)
  • Bud Light Stranded – This makes fun of the show “Lost” and promotes Bud Light as the sheer sign of a good time. (Francisco)
  • Doritos – It’s really funny how the little boy is protecting his mom and his Doritos. That’s why I like it because it is funny. (Kiersten) This video symbolizes a kid’s authority and how he can be persuasive. This catches my attention because it targets me and my age group. (Andre) I love this commercial because the little boy is cute and hilarious.  Also, I like the commercial because they remembered to use the rule of thirds.  I think the idea for the commercial was very clever. (Ailene)
  • Gatorade – This commercial appeals to me because I like sports and Gatorade. The beat is really hypnotizing. (Aimee)
  • Gatorade – I like this commercial because it shows my liking for basketball and the liking for my favorite basketball team and my favorite player for the Orlando Magic. (Andrew)
  • Geiko – I like this because it is funny and dumb.(Michele)
  • Life Water – Sobe Thriller Lizard Dance – This commercial is appealing to me because, it’s funny and it makes me want to get up and dance. I think that it is a good attention and eye grabber because of all of the colors. (Ashley)
  • Subway I like this commercial because I love how they changed the voices and I was just waiting for the guy to throw the first punch for the sandwich. (Alyna)
  • Subway This is a funny commercial because the people’s voices are little kids’ voices and the one guy says that the guy with the Subway sandwich can’t use his basketball hoop trash can. (Juliana)
  • State Farm I like this video because it’s funny. It is also well thought out.(Eleeza)
  • Skittles This commercial appeals to me because it is so random. Why would an old man need a shock from a giant sock man? No reason. It’s just amusing in that sense. (Blake)
  • Zoosk How does this video appeal to me? This video appeals to me because the dart man was called an “athlete,” even though darts is not a real sport. After the “Kachow!”, he hits the guy drinking beer, his head hits the table, then he falls to the ground. I could just watch that over and over again! (Jacqueline)
  • Cheetos I love this commercial because it starts off with the guy dancing and it really draws you in. It makes you think, “I wonder what in the world this is about…”, so you immediately want to watch more of it. Then, just when you think they can’t be dorkier, their manager walks up and asks them straight out if their having a party. They say no and close the door on him, even though he can obviously see everything their doing. The music also drew me in from the beginning because the beat is funny and the way the guy is dancing…hysterical. I crack up every time I see, wishing I could watch it again. (Arianna)
  • MioI like this commercial because I love how the different colors swirl around in the water. I think the song they use goes perfect with this commercial because since you can choose how much you’d like of the enhancer, the songs lyrics are matching. (Nicole)
  • Chips Ahoy I think that the commercial is very funny because the cookies are being eaten while they are singing “Don’t You Want Me Baby”.  It also kind of makes me think that the cookies are tired of being unwanted and just want to become a snack. (Kevin)
  • Dr Pepper This commercial is promoting the Dr. Pepper fountain drink. This commercial appeals to me because I love Dr. Pepper and Gene Simmons. Genne Simmons is part of the band KISS, which is one of my favorite bands, so this makes me want to go buy it because he likes it too. This commercial is entertaining, comical, and easy to watch. That is why I love the Dr. Pepper commercial! (Samanth S)
  • Pawn Stars I really enjoy this show and this commercial catches my attention. I believe it represents the show well by showing the four main “Pawn Stars” and the music while being very catching is also describing the show by saying “Lets make a deal, lets make a real deal”. Also it is showing customers and their items, some being very interesting making you want to tune in to the show to see that item and its story. (Armondo M)

Analyzing Commercials

View the Dr. Pepper commercial below. Assess the technical elements:

  1. number of shots
  2. length of each shot
  3. camera angle of each shot & location of the camera for each
  4. effects of close-up/medium/long shots
  5. framing (rule of thirds)
  6. backgrounds
  7. lighting for each shot
  8. visual transitions
  9. sound track
  10. special effects or animation
  11. script/message

Discuss the following:

  • Who created the message?
  • What is the target audience?
  • What creative techniques are used to attract attention?
  • How might different people understand this message differently?
  • What values, lifestyles and points of view are represented in, or omitted from, this message?
  • Why is this message being sent?

Dr. Pepper Commercial Quicktime Version (Recommendation: Watch it several times without the sound to focus on elements #1-8 above.)


Movie Making Tips

When filming, it is critical to use lighting to set the mood and tone of the film. The “Rule of Thirds” for subject placement on the screen is another critical factor in managing the message and mood of a film. To learn more about lighting and rule of thirds, see Background Information in the links below.

  1. Open a new text document in OpenOffice Document.
  2. Enter your name at the top.
  3. View the movie BMX movie. Describe how light is used to set the tone (mood) for the film.
  4. View 156 Turns. The “rule of thirds” means the most important elements (people or equipment action) are placed on the most important areas of the screen. However, varying the placement on the “thirds”, allows the photographer to create and maintain interest and focus. Describe at least two scenes where the “rule of thirds” is followed but the important visual elements are not always located in the same position.
  5. Use correct spelling, grammar and punctuation.
  6. Place in the Movie Critic dropbox by the end of class.
Background Information
Lighting can be used to set the mood and control the message. Always be aware of and plan to use the light. Think about: Where is the light in relation to the camera? What shadows are formed? How do the shadows impact the image?
The location of the important elements in the frame controls the impact of the overall image. Know the definition ofRule of Thirdsand how to apply it to filming and to photography.
  1. Digital Photography school
  2. Kodak Rule of Thirds

View the following and evaluate for lighting and subject placement using the “rule of thirds”.