Solar System Review

Grade 5 Solar System Unit

Enduring Understanding: While the composition of planets varies considerably, their components and the applicable laws of science are universal.

Essential Questions

  • What predictable, observable patterns occur as a result of the interaction between the Earth, Moon, and Sun?
  • What causes these patterns?
  • How are planets and other objects in the Solar System similar and different to Earth?
  • What implication does this have for the existence and sustaining of life?

Supporting links and videos are on the Grade 5 science wiki:

NASA Apollo 8 mission image

Webquest Moon Assignment – Grade 4

The Assignment

  • Work in groups of two. One person will be the Note-Taker and the other two will be the Researchers.
  • The Note-Taker should open an Open Office document. Enter the names of the three group members at the top of the document. Enter the following questions in a a numbered list. Enter the answers after the question.
  1. How far is the moon from the earth?
  2. How long does it take for the moon to orbit the earth?
  3. What is a lunar month?
  4. How old is the moon?
  5. In which direction does the moon rise each day?
  6. In which direction does the moon set each day?
  7. What phase of the moon is it today?
  8. Does the moon have an atmosphere?
  9. What are moon trees?
  10. Where are moon trees planted in Florida?
  11. In what year did man first walk on the Moon?
  12. How does the moon shine?
  13. Do the phases of the moon look the same or different in Australia from what we see in Florida?
  • Researchers use the following internet sites to find the answers to the questions. Share the answers with the Note-Taker who will enter the answers in theĀ Open Office document.
  1. Facts about the Moon
  2. What are the Moon Trees
  3. The Moon Trees
  4. How does the Moon keep Changing its Shape?
  5. Moon Phase Today
  6. FactMonster – the Moon