Movie Making Tips

When filming, it is critical to use lighting to set the mood and tone of the film. The “Rule of Thirds” for subject placement on the screen is another critical factor in managing the message and mood of a film. To learn more about lighting and rule of thirds, see Background Information in the links below.

  1. Open a new text document in OpenOffice Document.
  2. Enter your name at the top.
  3. View the movie BMX movie. Describe how light is used to set the tone (mood) for the film.
  4. View 156 Turns. The “rule of thirds” means the most important elements (people or equipment action) are placed on the most important areas of the screen. However, varying the placement on the “thirds”, allows the photographer to create and maintain interest and focus. Describe at least two scenes where the “rule of thirds” is followed but the important visual elements are not always located in the same position.
  5. Use correct spelling, grammar and punctuation.
  6. Place in the Movie Critic dropbox by the end of class.
Background Information
Lighting can be used to set the mood and control the message. Always be aware of and plan to use the light. Think about: Where is the light in relation to the camera? What shadows are formed? How do the shadows impact the image?
The location of the important elements in the frame controls the impact of the overall image. Know the definition ofRule of Thirdsand how to apply it to filming and to photography.
  1. Digital Photography school
  2. Kodak Rule of Thirds

View the following and evaluate for lighting and subject placement using the “rule of thirds”.