Food Pyramid – Select a Meal


  • View the Food Pyramid at or view the Interactive Food Pyramid Nourish Interactive.
  • Play Kevin’s Chef Game at Nourish Interactive. Raise your hand when you have selected enough food in each good group to have a balanced diet for the day.
  • Advanced Meal Planning: Enter a food dish such as macaroni and cheese in the MyFood-a-pedia to find the food groups for the food. For example, macaroni and cheese has 1 ounce from the grain group and 1/4 cup from the milk group. Plan a meal with selections from each of the food groups.

WebQuest Food Pyramid


  1. Open a Microsoft Word document. Enter your first and last name at the top of the documents.
  2. Go to File and Save As. Name the document Food lastname 6 1 or 6 2 Save the document in the My Documents folder.
  3. Create a table in Word with 4 columns and 7 rows.
  4. In column 1, row 1 cell, enter the text “Food Groups“. Label the top of the next column, Examples. Column 3 should have How much/day. Column 4 should have What counts.
  5. Click on each of the colors on the US government Food Pyramid to view information about each food group. Enter the name of each food group in a new cell in column 1 in your Word document.
  6. View Inside the Pyramid page. Start with Grains. Click on What’s in the Grain Group? Enter at least 4 types of grain in the column beside the Grain food group in your Word document.
  7. Go back to Inside the Pyramid. Click on How much is needed? Enter the amount you need on the table in Word.
  8. Go back to Inside the Pyramid.. Click on What counts as an ounce?  Find the answer and add it to the table.
  9. Find the information for the rest of the food groups to complete the table. Work in pairs to find the answers on the website, then share the answers with each other. Each of you must complete your own table of information in Word.
  10. Be sure to go to File and Save before you quit Word, so your information for today is saved.

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