Interactive Connections Conference 2012 Orlando

Bishop Noonan’s Welcome on Sister Caroline Cerveny’s Cyberpilgrim’s Blog

Fr. Lawrence Rice’s Keynote:  “The Church is the original social network,” says @lrice. “If tech is not facilitating it, we are doing it wrong.”  Fr. Rice discussed ways to use technology to increase communication within our Catholic communities. He suggested that we put the bulletin online rather than printing so it can be accessed at any time; allow online discussions so there is two-way communication and not just a one-way push of information; use online databases to gather information; allow online donations and contributions without the need of a signed piece of paper; translate publications into appropriate languages and make them available online; etc. He recommended that we read the book from Gutenberg to Zuckerberg

  • Another book to consider reading is Brandon Vogt’s The Church and New Media.

Read Fr. Rice’s Blog:

Marketing using Digital Storytelling: My presentation at a Learning Session at Interactive Connections: Marketing using Digital Storytelling

Student Work – ICS Advertisements


    Create your own video slideshow on You must create a 30 second advertisement for ICS. Use your school email account to create the account on Animoto.

    Plan the following before you create the media message:

    1. What is the target audience? potential students or parents (early childhood, elementary, or middle school)
    2. What creative techniques are used to attract attention? images and music
    3. How might different people understand this message differently?
    4. What values, lifestyles and points of view are represented in, or omitted from, this message?
    5. Why is this message being sent?
    6. How does the advertisement address the ICS Mission statement?

    Links to Sample Products:

    Links to other students advertisements are on the Media Literacy Wiki.

    Brand Logos


    Companies target very young children, resulting in 3-year old’s able to identify brand-name logos. The earlier the child identifies with a brand logo, the longer the company benefits. A successful logo is strong enough to be identified even from the first letter of the design. Can you identify the brands above based on the first letter of the brand name?

    Creating the Cover


    The visually literate student evaluates the aesthetic and technical characteristics of images

    Learning Outcomes: (from ACRL/IRIG)

    1. Evaluates how effectively an image achieves a specific purpose.
    2. Evaluates the use of visual signs, symbols, and conventions to convey meaning
    3. Assesses the appropriateness and impact of the visual message for the intended audience
    4. Analyzes the impact of image editing or manipulation on the meaning and reliability of the image

    Target Audience Application

    Assignment: Create different photographs of a peer using the same or similar techniques in the Schwarzenegger covers.  Photograph the same person to appeal to two different target audiences.

    Be sure to use the Kodak Top Ten Tips for good photography.

    Rules, Limitations, Procedures:

    1. Do not take photos of anyone younger than grade 7. Use a student in your class or older, if at all possible.
    2. Ask his/her permission to use both photos on a website or as part of a slideshow online.
    3. Do NOT take photos of anyone without permission.
    4. Provide the name and age of the person in the photography.
    5. Download the photos from your camera to a computer. Save them as jpeg or as gif or as png. (View Image File Formats for descriptions of each.) This link may help to save the files correctly. Windows Microsoft You can also use Zamzar to change file formats.
    6. Name each image with your name and audience (example: rcarrier fashion) or your name and audience2 (example: rcarrier business)
    7. Attach each image to an email and send it to me at my school email address.
    8. I must receive the email with the attachments before midnight Sunday, 5/1

    Target Audience – Response and Techniques

    Compare the images of Arnold Schwarzenegger in the previous two posts:

    1. Describe your emotional responses based on the overall image of the person on each of the two pages. Compare and contrast the body language, eye contact, facial expression, clothing, camera angle, make up, etc,
    2. Deconstruct the images. Compare and contrast the graphic elements on each of the pages including the color, font, other photos, composition, choice of words, etc.
    3. What techniques are used in each to attract your attention?
    4. Would you buy either of these magazines? Who would? What are the target audiences for each?

    Arnold.pdf (page 3 of 4)Arnold.pdf (page 4 of 4)

    Based on lessons from Center for Media Literacy.

    Big Idea – Media Literacy

    Big Idea: Media literacy is a life-long skill essential to digital citizenship, informed-decision making and active participation in our society.

    Guiding Questions

    • Who created the message?
    • What is the target audience?
    • What creative techniques are used to attract attention?
    • How might different people understand this message differently?
    • What values, lifestyles and points of view are represented in, or omitted from, this message?
    • Why is this message being sent?