Target Audience Application

Assignment: Create different photographs of a peer using the same or similar techniques in the Schwarzenegger covers.  Photograph the same person to appeal to two different target audiences.

Be sure to use the Kodak Top Ten Tips for good photography.

Rules, Limitations, Procedures:

  1. Do not take photos of anyone younger than grade 7. Use a student in your class or older, if at all possible.
  2. Ask his/her permission to use both photos on a website or as part of a slideshow online.
  3. Do NOT take photos of anyone without permission.
  4. Provide the name and age of the person in the photography.
  5. Download the photos from your camera to a computer. Save them as jpeg or as gif or as png. (View Image File Formats for descriptions of each.) This link may help to save the files correctly. Windows Microsoft You can also use Zamzar to change file formats.
  6. Name each image with your name and audience (example: rcarrier fashion) or your name and audience2 (example: rcarrier business)
  7. Attach each image to an email and send it to me at my school email address.
  8. I must receive the email with the attachments before midnight Sunday, 5/1

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