Paraphrase Practice – Health Topics

Grades 6 and 7

  1. When “an idea is expressed in a complicated way, it can help to think about how you would explain it to somebody else. Retelling something in your own words, or paraphrasing, also helps you to remember what you read.”  Paraphrasing (Time for Kids)
  2. Select one of the articles on Staying Healthy to read or listen to.
  3. Open a new OpenOffice text document. Enter your name and the name of the article you read.
  4. Write a paragraph summary of the information, paraphrasing the information in your own words.
  5. Write in complete sentences using correct punctuation and grammar. Spell all words correctly.
  6. Select and Copy the URL of your source information website. Go to EasyBib. Paste the URL of the information source website into EasyBib to create a bibliography entry. Add an annotation. Select and copy the bibliography entry and the annotation.
  7. Paste the bibliography entry with annotation into the OpenOffice document. Make sure it is a hanging indent paragraph.
  8. Add a bullet note under the bibliography entry with annotation indicating how you know this is a valid source of information.
  9. Go back to the summary you wrote. Cite the source of the information using a parenthetical citation.
  10. Save the document in My Documents. Name the document with your last name and Health (for example, Smith Health)
  11. Place the document in the Paraphrase Health assignment in the class dropbox on Sycamore.

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