Citation Practice: War in Libya

  1. Read this article on War in Libya
  2. Open a new text document in OpenOffice.
  3. Write a summary of the article in your own words. Do not use any quotations.
  4. Create a bibliography for the article using EasyBib.
  5. Paste the bibliography entry into the OpenOffice document. Make sure it is a hanging indent paragraph.
  6. Add a bullet note under the bibliography entry with annotation indicating how you know this is a valid source of information.
  7. Go back to the summary you wrote. Cite the source of the information using a parenthetical citation.
  8. Place this in the War in Libya dropbox assignment on Sycamore.

Sample Student Work (Grade 7)

War in Libya
by Hailey A.

The war in Libya is growing. It started as an uprising in February, and now the U.S., Britain, and France are involved. On March 17, the United Nations Security Council voted to authorize a no-fly zone over Libya (An). The United States is going to turn over major responsibility soon to another county.


An, Vickie. “Time for Kids | News | War in Libya.” Time For Kids | Classroom. 21 Mar. 2011. Web. 24 Mar. 2011. <,28277,2060681,00.html>.

  • This website is a valid source because it is from Time magazine, a major news source.

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